Sticky Mats Colors - Which Sticky Mat Color is Best?

Sticky Mats Color – Which Sticky Mat Color is Best?


Sticky Mats are the simple answer to help keep debris from dirtying clean rooms, laboratories and other environments that need to remain free from dust and other contaminants.  Not only do our clean room sticky mats come in a number of different sizes but they also are available in 3 distinct colors: white, blue and grey.  Depending on your environment one color may be better to use than the others.  Below, we explore the different colors and when to specify each color.


White Clean Room Sticky Mats are, by far, the most popular color as well as the most versatile.  White stands out more than the other sticky mat colors and thus visually calls attention to the mat so that people are reminded of its presence and remember to step on the mat.  Furthermore, white sticky mats show the dirt and debris removed from the bottom of shoes.  This is beneficial because it alerts everyone to the dirt that could be tracked in if the mats were not used as well as clearly showing when the mat is supersaturated and needs to be replaced.  Highly sensitive environments including operating rooms, ISO-certified clean rooms and many laboratories require the white sticky mats to be able to ensure that shoes are free of contaminants before entering the workspace.


Blue Sticky Mats are also a popular color.  We often sell blue mats for construction sites and other heavy-work environments.  The blue contrasts with drywall dust, paint, drywall mud and lots of other construction debris.  This lets contractors know when their shoes are clean and they can safely enter the workspace or walk on top of a newly finished floor.  Although blue sticky mats do not show daily dust and dirt as vividly as white mats, they can contrast with other colors around it and make people visually aware of its presence.


Grey Sticky Mats offer the most muted color and although are the least distinct, are applicable in certain environments.  Grey clean room sticky mats are often selected when the mat needs to blend into the surrounding environment – usually in a retail setting or professional office.  Additionally the grey sticky mats help mask the dirt and debris that adheres to the mat and thus preventing the mats from becoming an eyesore in these less industrial / more visually sensitive environments.

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