Sticky Mats Keep Laboratories Contaminant Free

Laboratories, surgical rooms and even gymnasium floors often require environments free of dust, dirt and debris. Although carpeted-surface floor mats do an excellent job removing such contaminants, they cannot always trap all of the smaller particles that can be tracked in. Sticky Mats, also known as tacky mats, trap impurities in areas that require complete dust and debris control. American Floor Mats’ Clean Room Sticky Mats feature a...

Sticky Mats and the Decision to Use Frames

Sticky mats are an ideal product to help keep dirt, dust and debris out of the laboratory, office and even home.  The mats trap contaminants from shoes and the surrounding environment before they can be tracked inside.  Traditionally, sticky mats and reusable sticky mats were only sold individually yet sticky mats frames have become more popular over the years.  So, when is a frame needed and when can one forgo this accessory?...

Sticky Mats Help Control Contaminants

Despite the overall success of the Clean Air Act of 1990, polluted air still plagues cities across America.  Even worse, Americans contract diseases such as asthma, asbestosis, lung cancer, as well as other life-threatening lung diseases by inhaling contaminated air.  Often, these contaminants settle to the ground where they are easily carried from high-risk areas to everyday locales such as restaurants, shops and even homes.  Fortunately, a remedy exists to alleviate this problem – clean room sticky mats.

Sticky Mats Colors - Which Sticky Mat Color is Best?

Sticky Mats are the simple answer to help keep debris from dirtying clean rooms, laboratories and other environments that need to remain free from dust and other contaminants.  Not only do our clean room sticky mats come in a number of different sizes but they also are available in 3 distinct colors: white, blue and grey.  Depending on your environment one color may be better to use than the others.  Below, we explore the different colors and when to specify each color...

Sticky Mats for Construction

Sticky Mats are a great device to help prevent dirt and contaminants from entering locations such as clean rooms, laboratories, homes and basketball courts but these tacky mats are also ideal for use in construction zones.  Sticky mats for construction help keep construction debris from dirtying adjacent areas.

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