Sticky Mats for Construction


Sticky Mats for Construction

Sticky Mats are a great device to help prevent dirt and contaminants from entering locations such as clean rooms, laboratories, homes and basketball courts but these tacky mats are also ideal for use in construction zones.  Sticky mats for construction help keep construction debris from dirtying adjacent areas.

Sticky mats for construction help keep dirt and debris from leaving the worksite.  Drywall dust, metal and wood shavings are just a few of the contaminants that can be picked off of shoes before being brought outside the construction zone.  Finer particles and larger objects alike can easily be removed by these adhesive mats.

Available in sizes ranging from 18” x 36” all the way up to 36” x 60”, sticky mats for construction sites are available for any job size.  These tacky mats are available in 3 colors: white (which helps show dirt and debris the best and lets you know when the sheet needs to be changed), blue (which helps hide particles and may be preferable if you do not want others to see the dirt being tracked around) and grey (which is a middle ground between the 2 colors).

Sticky mats for construction are also available with a frame in certain sizes, most notably the 24” x 36” sticky mat.  The frames are helpful for contractors who may not use a full 30-sheet pad in one location but rather bring these tacky mats from job site to job site.  The adhesive layer on the bottom of the sticky mat pad is adhered to the frame (which has a skid-resistant backing) so the mat and frame can be relocated as needed while keeping the mats in place on virtually any surface.

An alternative to traditional sticky mats for construction are carpeted tacky mats.  Like standard sticky mats the back half of these mats offer an adhesive surface to pull dirt and debris off of shoes.  The front half of the mat, however, is a textured, polypropylene (heavy-duty, carpet-like matting material) that scrapes off dirt and debris and brushes off finer particles before the individual steps on the mat.  This dual-system mat helps preserve the sticky mats themselves and adds durability and longevity as well as better overall cleaning to the entire mat.

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