Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship

Quick-Ship Rubber Roll Flooring are heavy-duty rubber flooring rolls that protect floors from heavy weights and constant impact of machinery and exercise equipment and ship within 48 hours!

• Rolls fit together perfectly and lie flat without curling.

• These non-porous, indestructible rubber mats have textured surfaces.

Quick Ship Rubber Roll Matting ships out within 48 hours and typically arrives within 1-3 days with standard shipping!

• Excellent for use under workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight-lifting machines.

• Solid, indestructible 1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm), 3/8" (9mm) or 1/2" (12mm) rubber.

• Rubber Roll Mats shield the floor from damage while protecting machines and exercise equipment from vibration.


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Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship
  • Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship
  • Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship
  • Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship
  • Rubber Roll Mats: Quick-Ship

Custom Configuration

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Customer Questions & Answers

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Is Rubber Roll flooring 'FloorScore' certified?
- Roger H.

Floorscore is made up of a product's VOC certification as well as the recycled content. We have those in two separate certifications from 3rd parties (GreenCircle for recycled content and Berkeley Analytical for VOC). We are happy to provide this documentation.  A good article to find out more about these certifications is here:

How do I cut the rubber rolls? I want to install them wall-to-wall.
- Howard J.

Rubber Roll Matting is a dense rubber flooring, but can still be cut down with little effort - essentially, the rubber rolls can be cut using a utility knife with a fresh, sharp blade and a straight edge or T-square.  (For larger, commercial jobs, some parts may even be cut down with a flooring tile cutter.)  If using a utility knife, it will take several strokes of the knife.  Mark the line to be cut and then score it with the blade before doing a deeper cut.  Don't press too hard but just put some pressure on as you cut and, after a few strokes, you'll get a clean cut right through the rubber. A good trick to help make the cutting a little easier is to dip the blade into soapy water to help it glide with less friction.  A hand saw (and especially a power saw) would be too fast and dangerous for cutting down the rubber flooring and could even prevent a straight cut edge.

How do we clean and disinfect the rubber?
- Peter B.

Vacuuming will help remove finer particles of dust, debris, dirt, etc. from the rubber flooring.  (Although not necessary but for a deeper cleaning, you can easily mop the all-rubber rolls with a mild detergent or a little soap and warm water. Simply let the rubber air dry and they'll be good to go.)  However. sweeping and/or vacuuming should take care of virtually all of your day-to-day dirt and debris.

Where is the rubber roll matting made?
- Aretha L.

Rubber Roll Matting is manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw materials.  This rubber flooring meets the strictest safety regulations on both the finished product and the raw components as well as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ratings.  Rubber rolls are not poisonous and non-toxic and therefore safe to use in both commercial environments as well as around kids and pets in the home.

Do I need to glue down these rubber rolls if I'm doing HIIT and my wife does Beach Body programs?
- Bonnie T.

Rubber Flooring Rolls can simply be loose laid over the existing flooring (as long as it's not a thick, plush carpet) without securing them with glue or tape if being used in a residential setting (regardless of the intensity of the workouts).  For commercial facilities and spaces where heavy equipment may be dragged on the floor it would be most prudent to glue the rubber rolls to the floor.

My carport has a compacted gravel floor. Can I still use the rubber rolls?
- Sheila E.

Rubber Roll Matting can be used over compacted gravel without issue.  The rubber will still hold up well and provide impact resistance and energy restitution.  The rubber itself is slip-resistant, even when wet, and will provide for many years of use.  Any snow, rain or salts dripping from a car or truck will not negatively impact the rubber rolls.

Can office chairs roll on the rubber? We're covering the office space in the gym with the same rubber flooring.
- Irene C.

Certainly - desk chairs with wheels can easily roll across the surface of this rubber matting without difficulty and the wheels won't harm the rubber rolls.

How heavy is the rubber?
- Huey C.

1/4" thick rubber rolls weigh right around 1.3 Lbs per square foot; 3/8" thick jumps to about 2 Lbs per square foot and 1/2" thick rubber roll matting weighs in at approximately 3 Lbs per square foot.  (The percentage of color, if present, can have a slight effect on the actual weight.)

I’m debating between the rubber tile and the rubber roll? What’s your recommendation for a home gym?
- George B.

Rubber Roll Matting is typically a little less expensive compared to interlocking rubber tiles like Fit-Lock Tiles, and allows you to cover large areas with less installation effort. For smaller/tighter spaces and areas that are not rectangular in shape, interlocking tiles make the process easier and quicker.  The actual material and warranty are the exact same.  Please note that these tiles are 2' x 2' in size whereas rubber roll matting is always 4' wide (and is cut down to whatever length is needed).

Can rubber rolls be used outdoors where it's exposed to the rain and sun?
- Brian W.

Certainly - Rubber Roll Matting can be implemented both indoors and outside and not be harmed by the rain, snow, wind or sun.  Please note, however, that the rubber can expand and contract slightly in areas with more widely-ranging temperatures.  Thus, if multiple rolls are being butted up again each other (and especially if not being placed under heavy equipment), it could be helpful to glue them down to prevent the expansion/contraction.

Is the rubber mold/mildew resistant for use in damp areas like garages and basements?
- Mike L.

Yes! The rubber flooring is engineered to be mold and mildew resistant (due to the warm, sweaty environments they're often used in) and can safely be placed in basements, garages and other areas that might have exposure to moisture.

Can you install Rubber Roll flooring over an epoxy floor without it damaging the finish?
- Kim W.

Rubber Roll Matting is safe to install over epoxy (as well as LVT, ceramic, concrete, marble, tile, terrazzo, laminate and many other surfaces) without it getting damaged or damaging the floor below.

How well does this rubber roll matting hold up in a doggy daycare? Will the animals' claws damage the rubber?
- Martha V.

These heavy-duty rubber rolls work great in a dogcare facility!  The premium rubber is slip-resistant (even when wet) and easy to clean.  Paws and fur won't get black from any rubber rubbing off regardless of how rough they play.  For best results in this type of environment, we recommend using our Rubber Flooring Finish / Sealer to seal the rubber and make it completely non-porous for any accidents that may occur. Our Seam Sealer will make the small space between the rolls completely impervious to urine and any other liquids working their way below.

Is the rubber heat-resistant / safe to use on heated floors?
- Roland O.

Yes, Rubber Roll Matting is heat-resistant and not negatively affected in any way by heated floors or if used in a very warm environment (including in a garage or outdoors on a hot day).  (Please note, however, that if the matting is exposed to extreme temperature changes, it is possible that the rubber can expand slightly in very warm environments and contract just a little bit in colder settings.)

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