Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats

Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats are offer premium protection and durability for the most demanding workout environments. These indestructible rubber mats are designed for use as punishment pads in aerobic and weight-lifting areas.

• These gym floor mats are completely non-porous and thus will not absorb any sweat or spilled liquids.

• Available 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" thick.

• A proprietary manufacturing process ensures that these rubber gym mats withstand even the most extreme environments and will always lay flat without curling up.

• Ultimate rubber gym mats are resistant to bacteria and a mitigating agent is added during manufacturing to reduce odor.

• These mats can be used as individual mats or lined up wall-to-wall to cover larger areas. (Please note that unlike puzzle tiles, these mats do not lock together).


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    Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats

    Standard Configuration

    Solid Black and 10% Color Fill Click Color Name to Enlarge

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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)
    Tap Row For Volume PricingorShow All
    1-3 $39.00
    4-10 $37.00
    11-25 $35.00
    25+ $33.00
    1-3 $55.00
    4-10 $53.00
    11-25 $50.00
    25+ $48.00
    1-3 $77.00
    4-10 $75.00
    11-25 $73.00
    25+ $71.00
    1-3 $88.00
    4-10 $86.00
    11-25 $84.00
    25+ $82.00
    1-3 $88.00
    4-10 $85.00
    11-25 $82.00
    25+ $80.00
    1-3 $100.00
    4-10 $96.00
    11-25 $93.00
    25+ $91.00
    1-3 $144.00
    4-10 $140.00
    11-25 $136.00
    25+ $132.00
    1-3 $167.00
    4-10 $162.00
    11-25 $158.00
    25+ $155.00
    1-3 $122.00
    4-10 $118.00
    11-25 $113.00
    25+ $110.00
    1-3 $156.00
    4-10 $150.00
    11-25 $144.00
    25+ $140.00
    1-3 $200.00
    4-10 $194.00
    11-25 $188.00
    25+ $184.00
    1-3 $212.00
    4-10 $205.00
    11-25 $199.00
    25+ $195.00
    1-3 $156.00
    4-10 $150.00
    11-25 $144.00
    25+ $141.00
    1-3 $178.00
    4-10 $172.00
    11-25 $167.00
    25+ $164.00
    1-3 $241.00
    4-10 $235.00
    11-25 $230.00
    25+ $223.00
    1-3 $468.00
    4-10 $364.00
    11-25 $358.00
    25+ $354.00

    Customer Questions & Answers

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    Is this rubber safe to use inside the house around kids and pets? Is the rubber eco-friendly or certified in any way?
    - Lincoln P.

    Ultimate Stand-Alone Rubber Gym Mats are Floorscore<sup>(R)</sup> certified.  This nationally recognized designation validates a product's VOCs as well as verifies the recycled content. We have those accreditations in two separate certifications from 3rd party testing agencies (GreenCircle for the recycled content and Berkeley Analytical for the VOCs). We're happy to share these reports if needed.  A good article to find out more about these certifications is here: https://www.mychemicalfreehouse.net/2018/12/what-green-certifications-mean-for.html

    Where are these stand alone rubber mats made?
    - Gilbert G.

    Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats are manufactured here in the US from American-sourced raw materials to ensure a high-quality, safe and long-lasting rubber product.   These rubber floor mats meet the most stringent safety guidelines on both the finished rubber as well as with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) ratings.  Ultimate rubber mats are not poisonous and are non-toxic and are therefore safe to use in both commercial settings as well as around the home where kids and pets may be present.

    Can the rubber get moldy or can fungus grow on the mats? We're using them in a poorly ventilated indoor space.
    - Tom M.

    The rubber used in the Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats is a premium, commercial-grade rubber that is inherently mold- and mildew-resistant and should not allow the growth of and molds or fungus on the matting itself.  This type of rubber is designed for use in gyms, garages, horse stalls and other damp/sweaty/dirty settings and will hold up well in even the most extreme conditions.

    How heavy is the rubber matting in each thickness?
    - Randall M.

    The weight goes up the thicker the mats get - 1/4" thick Ultimate Stand-Alone Mats weigh right around 1.3 pounds per square foot; 3/8" thick matting jumps to right around 2 Lbs per sq ft.  When the rubber is 1/2" thick, these Stand-Alone Mats weigh in at approximately 3 Lbs per square foot and the heavy-duty 3/4" thick mats are a whopping 4 Lbs per SF.  (The percentage of color, if present, can have a slight effect on the actual weight.)

    Can these rubber floor mats be used outdoors without issue?
    - Frank Z.

    Ultimate Stand-Alone Mats can safely be used both indoors and outside.  The rubber can be exposed to the sun, wind, rain and snow without degrading or deteriorating.   Please note, however, that the rubber can expand and contract slightly in areas with more widely-ranging temperatures.  Thus, if multiple mats are butted up again one another (and especially if not being placed under heavy equipment), it could be helpful to glue them down to prevent any expansion/contraction.

    I do a lot of high intensity training and I'm wondering if the standing night will move around on the floor. I am most concerned about when I do burpees.
    - Walker H.

    Ultimate Stand Alone Gym Mats are constructed from a premium grade rubber that has excellent traction when dry as well as when wet. The mats should stay firmly in place on the floor when jumping, twisting, turning, torquing, and the like.

    Can I use these rubber mats for use in a horse stall? I'm looking for mats that I can put in horse trailers and stalls.
    - Jimmy B.

    Although we have horse stall mats, you can use these Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats for horse stalls and trailers. We recommend using either the 1/2" or, ideally, the 3/4" thickness for maximum effectiveness and durability.

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